How hemp is of great benefit to you.

While a slight majority of Americans support cannabis, people remain divided on its usefulness as both a medication and a recreational drug. That includes differing opinions in the natural health world!

The question is, how can cannabis or hemp benefit your health? Also, could its legalization impact both the health of Americans as well as our economy?

Let’s start by taking a look at how hemp is different from marijuana.

What Is Hemp?

One of the first things most of us think of when it comes to hemp are hippies with their sandals and necklaces made from hemp cords – but there’s much more to this plant than that.

Hemp has been found to be very valuable, and it is one of the earliest known domesticated plants. Archaeological studies date its use back 12,000 years.

Hemp is a variety of Cannabis that has a much lower level of the psychoactive compound tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). THC is the drug component in marijuana that “gets you high” and may be beneficial for reducing symptoms in AIDS patients, those undergoing chemotherapy, and people with glaucoma.

Marijuana and hemp come from the same plant – Cannabis. The biggest difference is in how they are used and what part of the plant is used.

Hemp uses the stalk and seeds/fruit of the cannabis plant for the creation of cloth and rope, food, medicines and supplements, body care products, plastics and building materials – even Ethanol fuel.

When people ingest marijuana – it is typically the cannabis flower.Those who support hemp cultivation point out its strength and environmental benefits – as with the statement below from

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