Teacher Training

We share our passion for yoga with everyone, any shape, size, age, and status. Anyone can do it.

Learn what you don’t know about cannabis

We have created a program that will get you ready to teach people more about cannabis. Our training is led by professionals who will prepare you to explain more about the unknown benefits of cannabis.


Knowledge on chemical combination

Our training is a 200-hour course with our world class teachers. You will get exposure to the most important ideas to inspire your teaching and practices.


Counseling on consumption rate 

Our experienced and passionate faculty draw on diverse yoga traditions and actively teach in the yoga community.

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Medication for cancerous and epileptics

Our training experience has the option for personal development coaching that will help develop your talents and tap into your potential. 


Its values on our daily meals

This comprehensive course combines practice application and study. Students will have the opportunity to learn the material through a hands on approach